Writing: A lifelong passion

I have always been a writer. When I was a child I used to write stories and anytime a friend of my parents would visit I’d make them sit down and listen to my latest one. Maybe that’s why they stopped visiting…

But telling stories and playing with words has always been part of my life. Even when I was working in other professions, I would join local writing groups or take evening classes.

In 2014, I wanted to finally obtain a degree and undertook one in Creative Writing. This is where I finally had the chance to hone the natural love and talent I’ve always had for writing. I went on to do a Masters in Scriptwriting and haven’t stopped cultivating my skills since.

I became a copywriter as a means to earn some extra money while I was studying but my clients have been so happy with my work it has flourished and I really enjoy it which is why I’ve continued to grow it as a business. I love writing, and whether it’s a script, website content or a blog post for a client, I enjoy finding ways of making the content captivating and engaging with readers.

I was born in Lancashire and raised in Co.Cork, Ireland. My creative writing is influenced by my experience of growing up in two countries as we travelled back and forth a lot and because of this I always have an open minded approach to any writing and love to explore the less considered route to tell a story whether that’s of a business, a life experience for a blog post, or characters in a script.

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